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According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Tom Barr needed a place to for his mother, Margaret Barr, who suffers from memory loss and dementia. Tom decided Margaret needed more help than her assisted living facility could provide as her symptoms grew worse. He decided to hire an around the clock caretaker, but soon her needs even outstripped that situation. Tom, like many who face this situation, felt helpless. Eventually Tom found a new memory loss facility in Vernon Hills, Illinois. The facility specialized in areas only for those suffering from memory loss. Barr claims the staff was friendly and professional and saved him the agony of finding a place he could trust to properly serve his wife’s needs.

Memory loss and dementia is an issue that many elderly persons will face. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.4 million Americans have some form of dementia. The Association also reported that by 2050, 16 million people will have Alzheimer’s disease. Facilities for just individuals with memory loss are becoming more and more common. Most assisted living communities have added separate memory loss areas to their building so they can give these individuals the special care they require.

Many people can relate to how Tom Barr was feeling. Families want a peace of mind that their loved ones are in settings that accommodate their needs and well-being. Finding the proper care can be a tough and frustrating situation for many individual’s to face.

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