Adult-elder-elderly-432722While most types law focus on one particular topic, elder law focuses on the person being served. Often elder law attorneys focus on many of the same issues as estate planning attorneys — wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives, but elder law attorneys should also have a knowledge of issues specific to elders beyond just these basics.

Issues that are often unique to seniors are health insurance coverage (including Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplements) and long-term care (including home care, assisted living care and nursing home care). Additionally, seniors may have different needs when it comes to estate planning. Often, irrevocable trusts are used for long-term care planning that would not be used for younger people doing estate planning. There are also different tax considerations as seniors or elder are often drawing money from retirement plans that have specific tax consequences.

In addition to knowing the legal issues that affect seniors, an elder law attorney should also be familiar with issues of care and should be a good resource for families or other loved ones who are providing care for someone. Often times, the elder law attorney can act as the quarterback as they have previously faced many of the issues that those caring for a loved one are facing and they can give them advice about what is likely to come.

If you are searching for an elder law attorney, let our experienced team assist you with the legal documents, public benefits (Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance) advice and other long-term care planning so you can focus on providing quality care for your loved one.

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