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After losing her mother and grandmother to Alzheimer’s, Leeza Gibson of Dancing with Stars and Entertainment Tonight, was inspired to take on a new role. As the AARP’s new Ambassador for Care, she plans on helping others cope with caring for their sick loved ones. Leeza realized through taking care of her mother that care giving is one of the most difficult roles she has ever had to take on. It is physically, emotionally, and financially draining on those who are trying to make sure their sick loved one’s needs are being met. She states in her interview with USA Today, “Caregiver’s are the super heroes of our time”.

AARP is a nonprofit organization that “helps people age 50 and over have independence, choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them”. AARP is an amazing resource for those who are caring for an ill loved one. On their care giving channel, they list many local and state resources and also give access to experts and articles.

Leeza has been a media personality for more than 25 years, as television news anchor, radio show host, producer and businesswoman. Leeza is determined to help those who are facing and will face this difficult issue. Most people are not prepared or have the knowledge to take on the car giving position. They find themselves feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless. Her new nonprofit organization is called Leeza’s Place and she offers many free resources for family caregivers at To read her complete interview, please go to

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