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VA Aid and Attendance is a benefit that might be available to help pay the cost of long term care for a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran. Unfortunately, finding someone to give you accurate information about this benefit can be difficult. So, where should you look to find someone knowledgeable about Aid and Attendance that can tell you whether you or a loved one will qualify? Your best bet is to find an elder law attorney who is accredited by the VA. Not only will that attorney be able to help with VA benefits, he or she should also be able to tell you if there are other sources of funding available to help pay for long term care and make sure you don’t do anything while qualifying for VA benefits that might disqualify you from Medicaid or other government benefits. The VA only permits attorneys who are accredited by the VA to give advice about your specific case. To find out if a particular attorney is VA accredited, you can visit the VAs list of accredited attorneys at

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