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You can find on this page:

  1. a handout of the presentation with space for taking notes;
  2. your Confidential Estate Planning & Asset Protection Worksheet
  3. more information about our firm and the work we do
  4. an infographic that helps you see the order that property passes if you don’t have any planning in place
  5. a flier with the maximum annual pension rates
  6. a quiz that helps you determine if your current planning protects you in the way that you need
  7. an informational flier with Legacy Assurance Plan detais





Presentation Handout

Lias presentation handout

Confidential Estate Planning Worksheet

Ep worksheet

About Legacy Estate & Elder Law

About leel

What Happens Without a Will?

What happens without a will

Maximum Annual Pension Rates Chart

Mapr chart

Does Your Estate Plan Protect You?

Does your estate plan protect you

Legacy Assurance Plan Info

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