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Please be advised that while we strive to maintain regularity in our monthly workshops, scheduling constraints may occasionally result in session cancellations. We recommend checking the current schedule of upcoming workshop dates in the signup form to ensure participation.


This workshop covers Louisiana-specific answers to the most pressing questions individuals and families usually have about estate planning, while also clearing up some myths and misconceptions to help you plan, prepare and protect your loved one with confidence. We will outline the specific documents, such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives that are commonly utilized in planning and their purpose. Finally, we will learn about minimizing taxes and other expenses associated with proper estate planning. As a part of this workshop, we will also cover the information you will need to gather to prepare you for your first meeting with an estate planning attorney and provide you with the tools necessary to gather that information.

Attendees can join in person at Legacy Estate and Elder Law, or virtually over Zoom.

  • Please note: due to the nature of a webinar, there is no client-attorney privilege and since there is no way for us to have all the facts about your specific situation, our attorney cannot answer questions about specific people or situations.


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